For many, Nîroj Kurdish Cuisine serves not only as an ethnic restaurant, but an impromptu embassy for Kurdish people. Without a recognized country, there is no official embassy established for them. However, Nîroj is the only Kurdish fine-dining restaurant on the West coast, and has become a Southern California hub for Kurdish people, culture, and of course, cuisine. 

Nîroj owner, Luqman Barwari is the impassioned ambassador who started it all. His restaurant is a celebration of food, Kurdish & other cultural music, and of the people themselves. Nîroj hosts frequent concerts and special events to encourage these strong community ties and build new ones. 

The following article & video feature a special interview with Barwari discussing his background and his mission to establish Nîroj as more than just a restaurant, but a place where Kurdish people and others can feel at home. 


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