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One of the key factors that sets Nîroj Kurdish Cuisine apart is our reliance on local farmers who source us with unique herbs and spices, and free-range, hormone-free poultry and meat. We even grow many of our ingredients in our own Nîroj Garden right here in Conejo Valley!

You’ll enjoy fresh foods while supporting the local economy.

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Our Story

My name is Luqman and I opened Nîroj Kurdish Cuisine to share the unique flavors of Kurdish food with you.

Kurds, one of the most ancient peoples, inhabit Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia and Georgia, but many people are still unfamiliar with the delights of Kurdish cooking, which varies according to the country in which the Kurdish people live. The interaction between the Kurds and the Armenians, Assyrians, Arabs, Persians and Turks who lived among them is reflected in their food.

Kurdish dishes take many of the best aspects of Arab, Turkish, Armenian, Assyrian and Persian cuisine, and add even more fresh herbs, subtle spices and lots of vegetables that are native to their region. To uphold the authentic tradition of Kurdish cuisine here in Conejo Valley, Nîroj Kurdish Cuisine is determined to maintain the old Kurdish traditions and to showcase traditional and modern Kurdish kitchen.

We strive to go above and beyond, serving you the highest quality products with gracious Kurdish hospitality. Our philosophy is to encourage our customers to experience the flavours and welcome of Kurdistan. We believe that eating food is not simply a biological need; it is what unites humankind in spite of its immense cultural diversity.

Luqman Barwari

Founder of Nîroj Cuisine

Luqman Barwari worked as a Scientist in Academia and Biotech industry for over 20 years in Los Angeles and abroad. Barwari has also been very involved in Kurdish community and culture, where he served as the president of Kurdish National Congress –North America from 2012 – 2014.

Barwari seized the opportunity to follow other passions, after his career in Science ended in 2012. He combined his enthusiasm for Kurdish culture and his interest in nutrition and Kurdish Cuisine and traveled to Europe and Turkey to immerse himself in Kurdish cuisine and acquire knowledge on how to run a restaurant and design a menu around his style of cooking.

Nîroj has become an unofficial embassy. Nîroj is proud to offer high quality, organic, locally grown, gluten-free, food that showcases Kurdish culture. His business is part of my heritage. He is happy to be among only a few in the USA to take the ownership the Kurdish Cuisine, which is widely unknown.

The Nîroj Garden – The Heart of Nîroj Cuisine

We source the finest seasonal and organic produce. We maintain the nutritional value of our dishes by applying slow cooking methods and we never use a microwave. We also cater to those with food preferences by offering gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Because we care so much for our customers, you can be assured to get a great, healthy meal with only the highest quality ingredients.

Heart of Niroj


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